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Prime Labels
custom labels

Prime Labels (Retail Packaging Labels)

Create shelf impact with your unique label design!  Using Paper or Film Pressure Sensitive Labels will allow your product to sell itself.  Unlimited material options along with multiple print options available.  Utilize our 4 color process printing or up to 8 spot colors to acheive the look you're needing.  Add a laminate or a UV varnish to complete the label.  The quality of our Prime Labels is like no other, along with our pricing that is hard to beat! 

Barcode (UPC) Labels

For retail store shelf stocking and scanning products at the register, we offer a wide variety of Universal Product Code (UPC) bar code labels.  For each specific item, the UPC code—or UPC Bookland/EAN code for books and magazines—is linked to its manufacturer and tracked through the GS1 System to provide control and security of goods in the supply chain. To purchase UPC labels, you must first get a UPC number for your product from the GS1 US global standards organization.

If your product is sold in the retail marketplace, it MUST have a UPC code. While mass-marketed items made in mass quantities often incorporate UPC codes directly into their printed product labels, small businesses may want to use UPC labels.  Our label experts here at Liberty Labels are here to help walk you through this!  

Thermal Transfer/Direct Thermal Labels

What’s the difference between direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing?

In simplest terms, thermal transfer printing utilizes a thermal ribbon and direct thermal printing does not. Thermal transfer involves the thermal print head elements heating the backside of a thermal transfer ribbon to melt and transfer the compounds on the front side of the ribbon to the label material, thus creating the printed image. Direct thermal printing requires a heat sensitive label material. The print head elements come into direct contact with the heat sensitive material where the heat from the elements causes a color change in the material to create the printed image.

Liberty Labels has you covered on both of these.  Whether you're needing blank or custom thermal labels, we can help you. Need a coated DT for those tough chemical run ins?  We have access to an unlimited materials catalog that will cover any label needs you may have.  Don't forget, you will need a ribbon to go with the thermal transfer labels and we have those as well!!  

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custom printed labels

Industrial Labels

Our Industrial Labels can be customized to serve a variety of purposes, from asset labels for company property to tamper evident security labels for sensitive products. Materials, printing, and finishing options are available to meet your needs.  

Here are a few product lines we have solutions for:

Drum Labels

Hazardous Labels

Safety Labels

Fluorescent Labels

Film Labels in any size or shape

Asset Tags

.....and many more! 

Foil Labels & Embossing

By adding custom foil label designs to your labels, you are making a statement about your brand and your company – one that gets you noticed on the retail shelf every time. Foil stamped labels are used to highlight and enhance your custom label design, separating your brand from many other products on the store shelves.  Gold and Silver Foil Labels catch your eye and make you feel like you're buying a high quality product automatically.  Your product is better than the rest, so let it shine!! 

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

If you're using thermal transfer labels, you're going to need that ribbon to go with it!  Liberty Labels offers a wide variety to choose from including wax, wax resin & resin options.  Need a different color other than black?  Depending on the ribbon type, we can offer different colors to suit your need.  The label experts and Liberty Label are here to tell you which ribbon you need based on your printer and application requirements.  

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